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Half-day tour: Heide Erlebnispfad (Heath adventure trail) Schillohsberg in Unterlüß (2.2 km, circular trail)

The Heide Erlebnispfad Schillohsberg provides interesting information on the unique natural landscape of the heath, and is therefore particularly recommended for families with children. A total of six stations await the hiker on the 2.2 km long circular hiking trail, providing insights into the history of this millennia-old cultural landscape.

The heath area at Schillohsberg is part of the nature reserve "Heideflächen mittleres Lüßplateau" in the nature park Südheide between Lutterloh and Unterlüß.

The landscape history of the heath from the end of the ice age to the time of the heath farmer economy, when the heath areas in many places still reached to the horizon, is the subject of one station. The "poor pale face" that characterises the heath soil, the efficient dung beetle, the sculptors of the heath landscape and the drifting sand are further subjects of this route.

The Heide Erlebnispfad leads through the heath area and the adjoining forest. The route is signposted with a pictogram showing a dung beetle.

The most important facts of the tour in a short summary

  • descriptive information on the heath landscape
  • also very exciting for children
  • short circuit, only 2,2 km length
  • slightly hilly heath area with distant view


Route profile hiking trail
The paths are mostly solid sand paths, in some places somewhat rooted and generally hilly, therefore not suitable for cyclists. Part of the route leads through the forest.

Starting point Circular path

The circular hiking trail begins at the Schillohsberg car park on Kreisstraße 17 approx. 1 km after Lutterloh in the direction of Unterlüß. On the hiking car park there is a sign showing an overview of the terrain and the location of the stations on the adventure trail.


Approx. 30 minutes, but one should also plan some time for the individual stations of the adventure path.

Differences in altitude: 20 m

How to get there

Parking place "Schillohsberg
The car park at the Schillohsberg can be reached via the K17 from Hermannsburg in
direction Unterlüß. Approx. 1.5 km after Lutterloh you will find the car park on the left side of the road. The car park is signposted.
From Unterlüß railway station, take the K17 in the direction of Hermannsburg after approx. 4 km on the right-hand side.

Position: N 52° 49.72150', E 010° 13.76865'.
The nearest bus stop is in Neulutterloh, approx. 1.5 km away, but there are only a few buses.


  • Piktogramm Heide Erlebnisweg Schillohsberg: Mistkä
  • Rastplatz mit Informationstafeln am Schillohsberg
  • Heidefläche am Schillohsberg
  • Heidefläche am Schillohsberg
  • Heide am Schillohsberg bei Unterlüß
  • Heide-Erlebnis-Pfad am Schillohsberg
  • Heide-Erlebnis-Pfad am Schillohsberg
  • Heide-Erlebnis-Pfad am Schillohsberg
  • Heidschnuckenweg am Schillohsberg
  • Luftaufnahme vom Schillohsberg
  • Wanderweg am Schillohsberg

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