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Blick in die Ferne vom Wietzer Berg
Blühende Heidefläche am Wietzer Berg
Hermann Lönsstein auf dem Wietzer Berg
Infotafel Wietzer Berg
Gedenkstein von Heidedichter Hermann Löns
Wietzer Berg im Herbst
Ausblick vom Wietzer Berg
Bienenkorb auf dem Wietzer Berg
Wietzer Berg im Herbst
Dichter Wald auf dem Wietzer Berg im Herbst
Uralter Baumbestand auf dem Wietzer Berg
Heidefläche am Wietzer Berg zur Zeit der Heideblüte
Luftaufnahme vom Wietzer Berg
Luftaufnahme vom Wietzer Berg
Wietzer Berg bei Müden (Örtze)
Wietzer Berg bei Müden (Örtze)
Wietzer Berg bei Müden (Örtze)
Wietzer Berg bei Müden (Örtze)
Wietzer Berg
Wietzer Berg
Wietzer Berg

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Müden (Örtze): Wietzer Berg heath areas

Wietzer Berg near Willighausen
29328 Müden (Örtze)


Tourist Information Müden (Örtze) 05053 989220


Tourist Information Müden (Örtze) 05053-989223


Müden (Örtze): Wietzer Berg heath areas

The 102 metre high Wietzer Berg with its unique heath rises gently between Hermannsburg and Mueden (Oertze) and is home to one of the most scenic heath areas in Suedheide Nature Park with an amazing view of the Oertze valley.


The famous heath poet Hermann Loens is said to have come here to enjoy the peace and natural beauty of the heath. Close to the summit on one of the heath areas is an artefact known as the Loensstein, a monument to the poet of the heath.


You may have to look twice to recognise then: a number of prehistoric burial mounds lies concealed beneath the gently rolling heath. Further details can be referenced from an information board nearby. 


The purple blossom fields stand in brilliant contrast to the silver of the birch trees and the dark green junipers. Sand paths of 3-4 km in length lead through the heath and have benches for taking a break. There are also well-signposted hiking and biking routes to follow through this charming area. You can find descriptions of the tours in the section "This may interest you". Germany’s most scenic trail, the quality hiking route named the moorland sheep trail also runs through the area.


You can get to the heath easily via the car park "Am Loensstein". The car park has numerous picnic tables and benches as well as a snack bar.


Directions to "Am Loensstein” car park:


The signposted car park "Am Loensstein” is located on the L240 between Hermannsburg and Mueden (Oertze).

You’ll find it 1.5 km outside of Mueden (Oertze) on the right-hand side.

Coordinates: N 52° 52.06546‘, E 010° 05.54750‘


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