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Planetenlehrpfad Handeloh
Planetenlehrpfad Eingang
Planetenlehrpfad II
Planetenlehrpfad Erde
Planetenlehrpfad Timmerloher Weg
Plantenlehrpfad I
Planetenweg Winter
Planetenlehrpfad Handeloh Lüneburger Heide
Rastmöglichkeit (barrierefrei) Planetenlehrpfad Ha
Infotafel Dröge Heide
Sitzgruppe Dröge Heide

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Handeloh: Planets Adventure Trail (barrier-free)

Timmerloher Weg (corner of Wörmer Straße/Hauptstraße)
21256 Handeloh



all year

Handeloh: Planets Adventure Trail (barrier-free)

Do you want to travel at 16 times the speed of light? Walk along the Planet Adventure Trail. Start at the Sun and finish your journey after 1.2 kilometres.

On our Planet Adventure Trail you can hike the solar system in the countryside and get to know it in a graphic way.

It is located along the Timmerloher Path in Handeloh in the North Heath.

The starting point of the path is the Sun, shown as a ball of about 28cm diameter on a 3m high obelisk (see picture). A large information panel gives a clear introduction and explains the principle of the adventure path.

From there you can walk from planet to planet. At the location of each planet you will find a panel with data and images of the planet.

The solar system is represented on a scale of 1:5,000,000,000 (5 billion). This means that the length of the entire path is about 1.2 km.

The distances of the "planets" along the path are to scale; that is, Mercury is 11.6 metres from the Sun, Venus 21.6 metres, and so on - until finally Pluto, after 1193.2 metres, ends the route.


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