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Lüneburg: Lüneburg Museum

Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1
21335 Lüneburg


Lüneburg Museum 04131 72065-12
Tourist Information 0800 / 220 50-05


Museum Lüneburg 04131 72065-21



Day ticketMuseum,00 €
Entrance fee regular 8,00 €
Entrance fee reduced (*)4,00 €
Children and pupils (under 17 years)free,00 €
Children and school groups (+ 2 accompanying people)free,00 €
Leuphana students (cultural ticket)free,00 €
Holders of GiroPRIVILEG card (Sparkasse) discount on regular admission1,00 €
Holders of CleverKarte (LZ) discount on regular admission10%,00 €
Group ticketMuseum,00 €
from 10 people (max 25 people) per person6,00 €
Year ticketMuseum,00 €
individual30,00 €
Married couples / families (**)45,00 €
Members of Museum Association, Members of Natural Science Associationfree,00 €
guidesMuseum,00 €
3 AHAs and one theme tour per week on fixed dates (Thu - Sun)free,00 €
AHA (general guide)by appointment,00 €
Adults, per group, duration 60 entrance 50,00 €
Pupils, per group, duration 60 min. (Max 25 pupils + 2 accompanying people)75,00 €
Projects for kindergarten groups"Museum discoverer",00 €
3 visits for 45 min. Within three months (max 20 children + 3 accompanying persons)75,00 €
"Museum Explorer" as a single offer (1 visit) (max 20 children + 3 accompanying persons)35,00 €
Offers for primary school students"Museum researcher",00 €
Workshops, duration 90 min. (Max 25 pupils + 2 accompanying persons)100,00 €
Offers for sec. I and sec. II"Museum expert",00 €
Guided tours with activities, duration 90 min. (Max. 25 pupils + 2 accompanying people)100,00 €
Guided tours with activities, duration 120 min. (Max. 25 pupils + 2 accompanying people)120,00 €
Children's birthdaydifferent age groups,00 €
Duration 120 min. With break (max 12 children + 2 adults)80,00 €


Monclosed (except holidays)
Tue, Wed, Fri11:00–18:00
Sat, Sun10:00–18:00
Special opening hours for school groups with bookings
Tue – Fri08:00–11:00
On 24.12. and well as 1.1.closed!

Lüneburg: Lüneburg Museum

Lüneburg Museum opened its doors to visitors in March 2015. It originated from the merger of two museums: since then it has housed the exhibits of the Nature Museum (which closed in 2010) and the Museum of the Principality of Lüneburg.

It provides information on the nature, cultural history, and archeology of the region in seven sections. The common thread is the interaction between man and nature. With around 1,300 unique exhibits, the history of the town and region is told from antiquity to the 20th century.


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